The Full Checklist draws from 21 different data points

It filters them down and indicates what is available to you and what is missing.


  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said information found in the Full Checklist and resources like it are essential for everyone to have.


  • The U.S. Treasury said that tools like the Full Checklist can help close the gap Americans face in understanding the resources available to them.


  • A leading research study (Harris Interactive) found that 86% of Americans would benefit from having information a personalized Full Checklist makes available to you.


  • Studies reviewed by the Library of Congress found that though many Americans believed they knew what benefits they qualified for… almost none were aware of the benefits covered by the Full Checklist.


  • Empirical research pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Act Section 917 finds that the kind of information available through the Full Checklist is essential to the middle and upper-middle class American.


  • The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) report found that the specific examples and simple illustrations of benefits like those shown in the Full Checklist are essential to every American.


  • The same SEC report found that the clear, timely and easily accessible information available in resources like the Full Checklist are exactly what everyone needs to navigate the public, private and personal decisions when it comes to their finances and health.

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