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I need to add some content too to reference crisis situations like death, divorce, disability, retirement and LTC experience

Don't go broke paying for care.

This scenario is very common since most people do not have a care plan. 

We have found many do not have the potential cost of care figured in their retirement plan.  All of a sudden the retirement people once hoped for is at risk.


The largest percentage of our time is dedicated to helping people that find themselves in this situation. It is a shame when people go through their life savings and then go on Medicaid because they have no choice.

Let's change that.


If you find yourself in a long-term care crisis we can walk you through the steps to help you keep your money and stay independent. You will not have to stress over the “what if" questions that can elevate fear and add stress in an already stressful time. Don’t wait until your family has gone through thousands of dollars before seeking professional help.


The sooner you start the more you can save. 

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